Bugsnax Review: Delicious And Nutritious

Sometimes, the title is the sport. Bugsnax, the brand new sport from Octodad developer Young Horses, is all about catching bugs product of historically appetizing meals like pizza, strawberries, carrots, and lollipops, which flip your physique elements into meals once you eat them. They’re bugs, however product of snacks. Bug… snacks? Bugsnax.

It’s a wacky, whimsical conceit that, when paired with the sport’s cute and colourful artwork model, places a smile in your face and pushes your creativeness to run wild. The surprisingly highly effective want to find extra about this world and its bizarre, fantastic creatures fuels each side of the expertise. Its intelligent, if considerably temperamental, puzzles revolve round catching Bugsnax. The story sends you off to analyze the mysteries of their house, Snaktooth Island, and its colonists. And although that drive is only superficial–your actual motivation will likely be to see all of the intelligent Snak names and designs–the sport you expertise alongside the best way has loads of substance.

How do I even start to clarify what’s taking place in Bugsnax? You management an investigative journalist who’s reporting the expedition of explorer Lizbert Megafig to Snaktooth Island, the place she’s found proof of an historical civilization and the scrumptious, mysterious Bugsnax. When you arrive, Lizbert has gone lacking and her colony, Snaxburg, has disbanded. Your purpose, for a lot of the sport, is to search out the colonists across the island and persuade them to get again collectively so you may get your story and discover out what occurred to the misplaced explorer. Most of the time, “convincing” means feeding them Bugsnax.

The world of Bugsnax is colourful, like one thing out of a youngsters’s e book. All of the humanoid characters are furry, big-eyed Muppet-like creatures known as Grumpuses. As somebody who loves meals however hates all bugs, I used to be delighted to search out the Bugsnax all look lovable and charming. (The key, I feel, was giving all of them arts-and-crafts-style googly eyes.) Pulling a web page from Pokemon, each has a intelligent, explanatory title, which they are saying aloud as they crawl round. Exploring the varied biomes of Snaktooth Island, which vary from forests to seashores to canyons to snowy mountain peaks, seeking out all of the creative little creatures, scanning them to find their properties, and observing them of their factor, is a pure delight. There are 100 Bugsnax, a few of that are merely palette-swapped reskins, however discovering a brand new one is all the time thrilling.

Fryders. Get it? French fry spiders!
Fryders. Get it? French fry spiders!

To fulfill the previous residents of Snaxburg, although, you have to to do greater than look. Getting your fingers on scrumptious Fryders (french fry spiders), Crapples (apple crabs), and Ribblepedes (BBQ rib centipedes) requires you to be intelligent. Catching every kind of Bugsnak presents a singular puzzle; each has a unique set of traits that dictate how they react to you, to your instruments, and to different Bugsnax. Some will run away once they see you, and others will chase. Some may be caught utilizing your distant entice, whereas others will break away and have to be incapacitated not directly earlier than you run in and scoop them up with a web. Later on, a few of them are actually on fireplace, so it’s essential discover a technique to cool them off earlier than making your transfer.

You have a toolkit that provides you a number of choices for manipulating the Snax. Your slingshot enables you to fireplace totally different sauces–ketchup, scorching sauce, ranch, chocolate, and so on–which can act as bait or repellant, relying on what you are making an attempt to catch. You have a tripwire that may knock over aggressive creatures and produce down Snax which can be out of attain. More typically, although, you may want to make use of your instruments to convey two Snax collectively and work together to make them prone to seize. In an early instance, a Bunga (a hamburger bug) will cost at something lined in ketchup, so when the extraordinarily skittish Shishkabug (shishkabob bug, which sort of appears to be like like an ant) hides in a bush to get away from a entice, you possibly can sling some ketchup on the hiding spot to draw the Bunga and flush the Shishkabug out. Though you hardly ever want greater than two Snax to work together to arrange a catch, the method of bringing them collectively requires some artistic considering. I would not say any of them are actually powerful to unravel, however it’s essential assume outdoors the field, and that makes you are feeling intelligent when a plan comes collectively.

Your interview topics do not simply need you to catch their Bugsnax; they need you to feed the Snax to them, too. And once you feed them, a part of their physique will flip into the meals they only ate (or one thing associated). Early on, you acquire the power to decide on which physique half adjustments, which turns the Bugsnax into beauty gadgets. You can proceed feeding Bugsnax to any character everytime you need, giving them a makeover as more and more summary meals mutants. No matter how a lot you alter a Grumpus, they nonetheless look pleasant.

A Grumpus in Bugsnax (captured on PS5)
A Grumpus in Bugsnax (captured on PS5)

As a gameplay mechanic, it’s kind of underwhelming. In some later, non-compulsory missions, sure colonists will ask you to catch Snax with particular colours or traits and apply them to particular physique elements, however that does not truly have an effect on the way you catch the Bugsnax or the feeding course of. The body-changing elements into the story, so it by no means feels completely superfluous, however the precise mechanic is absolutely only for playing around.

Bugsnax’ bigger story performs out primarily via the conversations you could have with the colonists as soon as they’ve returned to Snaxburg. Upon their return, you get the prospect to interview each, study extra about their character and background, and get clues to the bigger mysteries of Lizbert’s disappearance and the origin of the Bugsnax. The overarching story is a proverbial page-turner, motivating you to maintain transferring via it. It’s a bit predictable, however that did not preserve me from eager to see how issues play out.


The coronary heart of Bugsnax story is not within the plot, however in its characters. Though they appear to be cartoons, colourful and tropey, Snaxburg’s residents have actual personalities and private tales to inform, if you wish to hear them. After convincing them to return to city, every character has an non-compulsory questline by which you assist them with their work and/or private chores. Beffica, the nosy former gossip columnist, asks you to spy on the opposite colonists in the midst of the night time. Triffany, the archeologist, needs assist exploring historical ruins. Invariably, every character winds up revealing that they are combating deeper private problems–difficulty dealing with loss or failure, despair, anxiousness. Sometimes you wind up serving to them clear up these bigger points, however typically you do not. Even when you possibly can’t, although, there are touching, human moments when these characters reveal themselves to you. (And, shockingly, having strawberry horns or a burrito nostril does not make them any much less relatable.)

Unsurprisingly, Bugsnax’ finest qualities are its cleverness and allure. The shock and delight you are feeling once you see a Bugsnak wiggling round or watch somebody eat one and alter their arm into meals by no means goes away. That alone would make Bugsnax value your time, however artistic puzzles and considerate story give it the physique and depth to make a Snak really feel extra like a meal.

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